Frameless Glass Shower Doors

   Our frameless shower enclosures are widely recognized as the finest
   product of their kind. Each shower enclosure is designed with three
   important criteria in mind. It must be safe and secure, it must be water
   tight, and it must be as attractive as possible, in that order. The result
   should always be a remarkably sturdy, beautiful, and uncluttered look.
   Our standard 3/8" and optional 1/2" heavy glass is manufactured from
   the finest quality tempered safety glass with high polished edges.
   Shower doors are notched where hinges attach for added security,
   strength, and safety. We use only the best available hardware to
   assemble our units. The door hinges and pivots we use are solid brass
   and come with a 3yr. warranty, the best in the industry. And all of our
   hardware comes in a wide variety of finishes such as chrome, brushed
   nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, just to name a few.

   Semi-Framelsss Shower Doors

   Want to beauty of a frameless enclosure, but have budget or design
   constraints? Our semi-frameless products are a great alternative. The
   semi-frameless design features low profile framing with a frameless
   glass door and "C" pull handle just like the heavy glass enclosures.
   While most home improvement center products rely on inferior
   plastic hinge assemblies, our products offer continuous pivots that
   are permanently bonded and offer a much more secure, water tight fit,
   for smooth lifetime operation. There is no wobble in our 1/4" frameless
   glass doors. These units also come in a wide variety of finishes to match
   your decor.

   Frameless Sliding Glass By-Pass Doors

   Ease of cleaning is the name of the game here! No glazing material or
   metal around the glass panels makes cleaning from high polished edge
   to high polished edge a breeze. And without that (divider bar) down the
   center of the doors, you get a clean unobstructed look that enhances
   any shower or tub area and with clear glass will often appear to even
   enlarge whole room.
   Our frameless sliding shower doors are made of standard 1/4" or
   optional 3/8" heavy glass, and are also of superior quality to the mass
   market product. Our glass panels are suspended from sealed ball bearing
   wheels with nylon tires for super smooth, quiet operation. Our top rail or
   (header) is a heavy gauge material, and will not sag, or bend over time.
   We feature an E-Z clean track. No more grooves which are impossible to
   keep clean. And most importantly, and often overlooked, you get our
   expert installation where we plumb the frame, so you don't have those
   uneven gaps where the door meets the wall channel which cause leaks.

   Fully Framed Shower Doors

   Quality Shower Door offers a huge selection of fully framed shower
   enclosures for that classic look and feel of unsurpassed quality.      
   These shower enclosures are built to last. With heavy duty continuous
   piano hinges and magnets on our swing doors, and our heavy gauge
   support channel and headers on our sliders, these shower doors will
   not become loose or sag over time. Priced to fit every budget, these
   shower enclosures are an excellent alternative where higher end
   units may not be appropriate or necessary.
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