What is a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure?

   While opinions may vary, Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures are designed
   and constructed in many different ways to accommodate a variety of factors.
   The criteria we use for all of our design is a three step process in which we
   evaluate Safety, Functionality, and the Look and Feel our customers want
   to achieve, and in that order. Glass can be attached to a given substrate
   with Glass Clips, U Channel, or Bonding Adhesives. In some applications,
   the use of a Header is necessary for proper support. Doors can be attached
   using Hinges, or Pivots. Glass thickness is also a consideration in obtaining
   structural rigidity. Each customers particular design will also vary depending
   on the size and configuration of the shower opening, and the substrate to
   which it will be attached. Something to keep in mind...

   How tall should my Shower Enclosure be?

   There is NO standard height for any shower enclosure. There are
   important things to consider. It should vent properly and not build up
   excessive steam, if you don't have a steam shower. It should dry out
   properly when not in use, thus reducing the potential for mold & mildew.
   It should be a proportionate height to the dimensions of the rest of the
   shower area, and room it is in.

   If I want a Steam Shower, what should I be aware of?

   When constructing a steam shower, the most common mistake we see
   is the ceiling is made too low, usually by use of a soffit over the shower
   area. While the common theory is to lower the ceiling to build up more
   steam, no consideration is given to eliminate steam when it's not wanted
   and to dry out the shower when not in use at all. A low ceiling over a steam
   shower prevents or even eliminates the use of a proper size operable
   window, called a transom,(usually above the door), which can be opened
   for ventilation when steam is not in use, and to promote drying of the
   shower. When a shower cannot dry itself in a timely manner after use,
   mold & mildew will eventually occur.

   My existing Sliding Glass Shower Doors don't close evenly into the
   wall channel. The top or bottom go in more than the opposite end.

   In almost every case that we see this, the framing was not installed properly.
   Leaks usually occur and deterioration of the surrounding tile begins almost
   immediately. Either the walls, or threshold, or both are not plumb, and this was
   not compensated for by and inexperienced installer. We install special tapered
   fillers to compensate for these common out of plumb conditions. Every shower
   door we install is made to order for your particular opening, and must be
   measured for by us before any order is accepted.

   How do I keep my Shower Doors clean?

   There are glass coatings available which help repel hard water, and mineral
   stains. There are also many cleaning products which you can spray into
   your shower area daily to help do the same. Each has it's limitations, and
   at the end of the day a good old fashioned inexpensive bottle of glass
   cleaner, and a clean cloth are all you will ever need. If you want your glass
   shower enclosure to stay clean, you will have to clean. Once a week is what
   we recommend at a minimum, and you should have no issues.

   What type of Licensing should I look for from a contractor?

   All contractors in the State of New Jersey are required by law to be
   licensed with the State of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.
   To find if any prospective contractor is properly licensed, you can go to:
   You will find our company listed under License #13VH03821900
   If you don't find others there, they are not State Licensed no matter what
   other types of Licenses they may claim to have. Buyer Beware...
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